TST: The Southern Tenant


the synth led electronic spin-off from the STFU


“Abounds with John Carpenter-style waves and washes of neon. Here and there are splashes of 8-bit playfulness and the odd Giorgio Moroder arpeggio”  The List


Next concerts


Friday 2nd June – The Caves, Edinburgh – a support slot for  Scottish techno producer Stephen Brown – also on the bill – Harbingers Drum Crew


Halloween Special – Fri 27th October –  with brand new TST music + a screening of the John Carpenter classic ‘Prince Of Darkness’ – NB: This event is happening inside a Church for added atmosphere – It’s the closest we could get to the US screening in Oct 2015 of the movie inside the church it was filmed in – event TBC




Previous concerts


Thu 15th September 2016 – joined onstage by Graeme Stephen (Jazz guitarist and silent movie score composer)

@ The Leith Depot, 140 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6


Friday 17th June 2016 @ The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh – support from ‘Cabasa Cabasa’ – Album Fundraiser Gig


Friday 31st October 2014 @ Summerhall – Scanners Live Re Score (plus Night Of The Demon screening)


Thu 1st May 2014 @ Banshee Labyrinth – opening for headliner ‘Umberto’



‘TST: The Southern Tenant’ is an electronic offshoot project of Southern Tenant Folk Union. Featuring Pat McGarvey and Steve Ironside, ‘TST: The Southern Tenant’ has initially taken songs by the aforementioned folk and bluegrass collective and re-imagined them as synth and drum machine led movie themes – this has resulted in their debut album ‘The Horror Of The Right’, the original soundtrack to an obscure and probably non existent Horror/Action B Movie from 1981. The Release date for this is Fri 2nd June 2017 and is on sale now in the audio/shop page of this website.


Both longtime fans of electronic movie composers (like John Carpenter, Vangelis, Fabio Frizzi & Tangerine Dream) Steve Ironside & Pat McGarvey had been working independently for years on instrumental electronic music before getting together in Leith and starting to pool ideas and synth sounds. McGarvey made his first ‘synth’ recordings in 1996 at home with a Tascam four track, Boss Dr550 drum machine, Roland  U220 and a Yamaha DX7 keyboard. The intervening years saw him touring around the world playing americana, alt country and then bluegrass before forming the Southern Tenant Folk Union in 2006. Recent years have seen that influence brought to bear on the band’s albums. Ironside spends his time immersed in the sounds of science fiction and the science of sound. Having experimented in his youth rewiring amplifiers to create droning feedback loops, he eschews more traditional concepts of melody in favour of textures and timbre. This project was an opportunity to explore both.


Having done their debut concert in May 2014 supporting US synth artist ‘Umberto’ (aka Matt Hill) they have started playing regular concerts around Edinburgh – notably at Halloween a couple of years ago with their live movie re-score of the head popping Cronenberg cult classic ‘Scanners’ – you can listen to the live concert audio here –




TST will at some point in 2017 record and release a studio version of their Re-Score Scanners




You can listen to the entire ‘The Horror Of The Right’ album and the live ‘Scanners ReScore’ excerpts here –




Full video to work in progress version of Walker






Here’s a live video of the song ‘Walker’ from the Umberto support concert May 1st 2014 at Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh – Steve managed to superimpose the video images we edited together for the concert on top…




A second live video of the song ‘Silent Rage’ from the same concert (May 1st 2014 at Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh)




A third live video from same debut gig – this is for the song ‘Invasion USA’




Here’s the video of the track Breaker ‘Breaker’ – the opening cut of our debut gig













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